Friday, February 26, 2016

Hello again, friends!

Sorry for the long wait on an update, but I've been quite busy adjusting to the new time, weather, and routine. I'll catch you all up on how my trip was and show you some pictures of the island too!

To start the trip off, the winds in Boston were too heavy at the time of my Cleveland->Boston flight so I was delayed 24 hours. Luckily my friend Max who lives in the area was able to pick me up and give me a place to rest that night and I had my last serving of buffalo wings before leaving the states.

When I finally got back to the Cleveland airport the next day I checked my bags again and walked down to a pub to have a couple beers before starting my journey. While there I met a guy named Brent who was travelling on the first two flights along with me to arrive in Dubai (though his journey led to backpacking through Thailand). We joined up again in Boston for a beer, then it was onto the flight from Boston to Dubai (nearly 13 hours!).

Brent was in the same situation as me- his flight was delayed 24 hours, so we both had our assigned seats changed before boarding the flight to Dubai (which was on a GIGANTIC plane, by the way). He requested window seats, so he was excited that he had been given one- except it was in the maternity row and he was stuck with a bunch of upset infants and their mothers. Seeing this, the flight crew was nice enough to let the two of us stand back by the kitchen area and have some scotch instead of sitting and listening to crying children.

Then I arrived at the Dubai airport... here are some pictures just of Terminal A- this place was bigger than a lot of shopping malls...

After a 9 hour layover in this airport, I was boarding for the last leg of my trip- about a 7 hour flight to Mauritius. When I arrived at the airport I grabbed my checked luggage and headed out to see my name on a paper for a driver to take me to the flat that Cyril and his wife Stephanie kindly arranged for me.

I got unpacked and had my first nap in a bed for about 60 hours, then Cyril and Stephanie met me for dinner at The Piano Rouge bar/restaurant that's located near the entrance to my complex. I had some of the freshest fish I've ever tasted (and I've continued to keep tasting fresh fish since I've been here).

Saturday I got to visit the practice in Grand-Baie for a short time where I met Taybah and David who were also extremely welcoming to me. I went for a few medical tests necessary for my visa, and then I was off to rest and meet up with a friend of Stephanie's named Warren, and we talked and had a beer and headed our separate ways that night. The following day we got to go out on a boat- I'll share some of the pictures here.

I think that's a pretty good update for now! In 2-3 weeks I'm hoping to be approved to start practicing here, and at that time I'll be working in the orthopedic section of the Apollo Bramwell Hospital fairly often. I'll try to update again after some more exploring this weekend. Wishing you all the best!

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  1. Wow, working in a hospital, such a great experience that'll be :)