Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Okay, now that I've got a couple medical experiences shared with all of you, how about we go back to the fun part where I share lots of pretty pictures of living on an island?

First, here's a picture of the occupation permit that I had been waiting on for quite some time- I officially began working on April 15th.

Along with receiving my working permit and legal residency, it was time to move out of my temporary housing at Port Chambly and head to a more permanent place to live. Here's a picture of the pool and the view from the top of the Address hotel looking toward the bay.

After a lot of searching I finally made the decision to move to Pereybere. It is in the northern area of the island, so it's close to the office where I work half of the week. The other half of the week I drive to Moka to work at Apollo Bramwell Hospital. Here are two pictures taken from outside of my small private apartment building (there are four living units in our building).

Lastly, here are two pictures taken from the 6th floor of the Apollo Bramwell Hospital in Moka. After a long morning of back-to-back patients with very interesting cases, sometimes it's nice to hop into the elevator and remember why I love working on this island.

Bonus pictures: The beach I can walk to in 5 minutes.

 The view from my apartment every morning.

A picture from the coastal jogs I try to do a few times per week in the morning.

Hope you enjoy the read and the view. Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Hi Stephen

    My name is Alex, I'm a chiropractor in London.

    I've been really enjoying you blog as myself and my girlfriend are planning to move to Mauritius to work for some time. We're very excited about it, especially as you seem to have had such a great time so far.

    I wondered if perhaps you would mind getting in touch, as I have a few questions about Chiropractic, and daily living in Mauritius. I have also contacted Dr Fischhoff who I believe works in the same hospital as yourself?

    If you get a moment it would be much appreciated if you could drop me a line: alexhornechiropractic@gmail.com

    Cheers, and I look foreward to hopefully chatting soon.

    Alex and Ingvild